Brilliant Night at Trevor Carter Memorial Gig

Absolutely brilliant night at The Louisiana last night, with the full line-up playing to a packed room. According to the volunteers manning the door, the Louie was at its legal maximum of 120, which made for an amazing atmosphere.

The final run sheet was:

  • Babytrain
  • Blueprint
  • Industrial Lemons
  • Greenbacks
  • Max Rebo
  • Your Robot Overlords
  • The Familiar Sound

A big thank you to everyone who helped to make the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig such a resounding success. With all proceeds going to the charity Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), once we have the final count we will let you know how much has been raised.

Once again thank you to everyone who gave their time to make this event possible, and thanks to the Louie for providing this great backdrop so that we could remember Trev.

Trevor Carter Memorial Gig Support For CRY

Those of us who are attending the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig on Monday the 9th probably already know that proceeds will be going to Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY). If you dont already know about Cardiac Risk in the Young, you can find out more about CRY by visiting their website at

If you are not yet confirmed to go, then please then visit Trev Carter Memorial Gig Facebook event and sign up for this worthy cause.

Trevor Carter Memorial Gig lineup Confirmed

We can now reveal that the lineup for the gig of the year at The Louisiana, Bristol on Monday 9th April 2012 will be as follows:

  • Babytrain
  • Blueprint
  • Industrial Lemons
  • Greenbacks
  • Max Rebo
  • Your Robot Overlords
  • The Familiar Sound

Some of these bands have reformed just for The Trevor Carter Memorial Gig, so this will be a moment in History, and not to be missed. Remember that places are strictly limited, so if you are thinking of attending, then get across to the Trev Carter Memorial Gig Facebook event and sign up.

Only fifteen days left to go!

Musical Memories from Mat Nobes

In the countdown to The Trevor Carter Memorial Gig at The Louisiana, Bristol, on Monday 9th April 2012, we have received a few responses to the request for band write-ups. These are the musical memories from Mat Nobes.

Mat Nobes (Nobby) here, don’t know if you remember me.
I just thought I would let you know about some of the musical bits and bobs I did with Trev, including support slots.

It’s hard to remember as it was so long ago and some of what I tell you may or may not be accurate.

I first played a gig at a place near The Swiss Chalet pub with the Industrial Lemons. They had only just formed and Rich Millin was away so I stood in for him after just 2 practices. It was a very rough gig and although we all ballsed up a fair bit no one did as much as me!

Then for a while I played a number of gigs around Swindon supporting the Lemons, mostly at that pub with the bowling alley. I think it was on Union Street. I don’t recall its name. I played the drums in some random punk band called Novelty Island. We did dodgy Dead Kennedys covers and Daisy Chainsaws Love Your money. That band changed a bit and became The Cyder Hippys from Hell. I think we actually wrote some of our own stuff then, although we did do a piss take cover of First and Last and Always otherwise known as F**ked and Lost as Always.

I think the Lemons split up around that time and Rich went on to do other things so we set up Soundhead (me drumming again). We recorded a 4 track EP at Kev Fitzgeralds place with Jason, Jutty, Trev and me. We gigged that band for a short while including some AIDS awareness thing at New College where Jutty stuck a rubber johnny on his head. I think we even went so far as to play Mudhoneys Touch me I’m Sick which was a song we regularly covered at gigs.

This bit might be wrong…….I recall going to a studio in Bath and recording a few songs with Marylin Twice. I don’t think we gigged that band or if we did it was only a few times. It sort of sounds like my style on the recording Rich sent me but who knows, they may have re recorded it.

Shortly after that we all split up to go to Uni or whatever and I dropped into a band called Mr Black who were a hardcore band and became Concave, a sort of rap thrash band. I left Swindon then and moved to Cornwall where I’ve been ever since. I set up an 8 piece Ska band that gigged around Cornwall for a few years and that sort of fizzled out and I’ve done nothing since but play bluegrass banjo on my back porch.

That is what I remember from the ‘good ol’ days’. There may have been more. I think I may have actually joined the Lemons for a while but things are hazy these days.

I think I last saw Trev around 95 – 96 and it was only the advent of Facebook that put us back in touch maybe 2 years ago.

The news a year ago rocked me more than anything has before. Strange how some people have such an impact on your life hey?

I wish you all the very best.
Nobby – Mat E Dredd – Mat Nobes

If you can fill in any of the gaps in Mat’s memories or have any corrections, please let us know via the contact form above.

Band History – Blueprint

In late 1999, after many beers in a local pub Rich Carter, Paj and Jamie accidentally formed Blueprint when they drunkenly agreed to support Rich May’s previous band (Babytrain) at a gig the following January…After all the hazy Christmas and Millenium New Year parties were finally over the lads were brought back to earth when they realised it was only three weeks until the gig and they hadn’t practised, written any songs or even found a bassist! Luckily Rich’s brother Trev Carter (an accomplished guitarist remembered from bands such as the Greenbacks, Marilyn Twice and The Industrial Lemons) was between bands and agreed to play bass.

Trev was always keen to point out that it wasn’t his band and he was just helping out. To this day no one has ever worked out if this is because he didn’t want to intrude on his brothers project or if he just thought the band was terrible and didn’t want to put his name to it.

So the lads knocked together six songs (including Someone Else’s Song, That Summer and Middle of the Week) and quickly practiced for a couple of weeks. To everyone’s surprise they weren’t terrible…..well not really terrible anyway.

They quickly followed up with a number of supports and headlines, gaining as much acclaim for their love of beer and wearing boiler suits with inappropriate messages on as for their music and gigs!

Memorable moments included the Official Blueprint Gorilla handing out free bananas before gigs (before being told to stop for apparently breaking a number of health and safety laws), having over a hundred people singing their songs back at them during a gig and their four foot tall boxing style promoter / compare dancing with the official Blueprint Transvestites.

Forgettable moments included an all day event where the band were left in a pub for nine hours before their set. Lets just say that gig is best forgotten (it certainly was by the band).

Blueprint then took a break at the end of 2000 as Trev moved to Bristol and Rich went to Australia to avoid work for six months…

When Rich Carter returned they reformed late in 2001 with their number one and only fan), Rich May, joining on bass (Trev by this time was involved in other bands, who spent more time rehearsing then drinking).

They wrote a load of new songs (including You Know Who You Are and No Coming Back) and quickly picked up where they had left off – playing some gigs and establishing themselves as just another run of the mill local band, but a run of the mill local band with a monkey!

They spent June 2002 in Strawberry Fields studio (Bicester) working with James Hockley) recording the long awaited album Blueprint’s World. Released the following month to unprecedented demand, it sold out all 12 copies within a few weeks.

Unfortunately at the beginning of 2003 the band split up – no official reason was ever given, although many rumours have been circulating including a Lacrosse incident or the eloping of the Blueprint Gorilla and the four foot compare!

There was one more gig… A Christmas gig in 2009 where Trev joined Blueprint back on stage, but this time as a second guitarist. The Gorilla was there, but the 4ft compare was nowhere to be seen…We try not to talk about that gig!

So anyways after playing only one gig in the last 10 years Blueprint will be back to play one final set of 3 or 4 songs in memory of Trev. We won’t be practising because that just isn’t Blueprints style and if we sounded any good then Trev might not recognise us.


  • Rich Carter – Vocals
  • Paj – Guitar
  • Trev – Guitar/Bass
  • Rich May – Bass
  • Jamie – Drums

Many thanks to Rich Carter for this history of Blueprint
Click here to see more about Blueprint on MySpace

Trevor Carter Memorial Gig Venue

We have now had a generous offer of a venue for our Trevor Carter Memorial Gig from The Louisiana in Wapping Road, Bristol. This would be a fitting location, as Trevor played there with Your Robot Overlords on 11th June 2007.

Potential dates are 19th March and the 2nd, 9th and 16 April. If you are interested in participating and have a preference, then click on Contact above and let us know your views.

Remember to spread the word by Facebook and Twitter, and let everyone know about the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig.

Trevor Carter Memorial Gig Update

With all the messages of support from Trev’s friends and family pouring in, and expressions of interest from musicians wanting to participate, work is beginning in earnest to secure the venue for the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig.

So far we have secured offers of help for the following

Sound Recording equipment and crew
Camera and crew to video the event
Post Production Editing (for the movie!)

If you think you might like to attend the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig, then please let us know how many people (roughly) as we need to confirm the venue soon, and the choice depends on the size of the potential audience! Click on Contact above to let us know how many might be in your party.

There are a number of websites carrying references to the gig, some of which you can see by visiting the link below. Help publicize this event by posting a link to here from your website, or link to this site from Twitter or Facebook.
Search Google for reference to the Trevor Carter Memorial Gig

Trevor Carter Memorial Gig

Trev played in a number of bands and jammed with many musicians in his lifetime. A couple of us were talking about organizing a memorial gig for Trevor, in aid of charity. Anyone up for it?

Were you in a band with Trevor? Did you get together for a jam session over a few beers? If you are a friend of Trevor Carter, and fancy contributing in some way to a concert then get in touch.

Music was a great part of his life and I can’t think of anything that would be a better memorial. If you are interested in participating then click on Contact above and fill in your details

Best Regards

Bruce Thompson
Friend of Trevor Carter

Welcome to Friends Of Trevor Carter

This site is in memory of Trevor Mark Carter musician, programmer and friend. Trevor was born on the 29 September 1973, and sadly died 30 January 2011

In his musical career he formed and was in several bands, including:

Marilyn Twice
The Greenbacks
The Industrial Lemons
Your Robot Overlords
The Familiar Sound

Before he died Trevor and I were working on a project for a spoof band called Alien Influence. He drafted in a number of friends on a song which I want to complete. If you recorded any of the parts please contact me via the Contact page above, as I want to properly list you on the video credits.

If you know of any more bands Trevor played with, or any other musical associations please let me know via the contact form above.

Also I am looking for lists of former band members, and if you fancy doing a write up on any of the bands, please let me know.

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